News From The Editor:

We love Christmas Season!  Since last year wrting to Santa was such a big hit (over 100 emails by Christmas Eve!)  Santa even got a couple Thank you letters after Christmas. WE have brought it back, see parents help your kids get those letters in. Word is Santa always writes back.  Anyone under 18 MUST have the parents permisson!
I only have one new Recipe so far, so please send in your  favorite Christmas/Holiday Recipe.

IF YOU DO NOT CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS PLEASE SEND YOUR HOLIDAY INFO TO KIDZ ADVENTURE CORNER SO WE CAN ADD IT. All that is required, is alittle bit of history on in, dishes cooks for holiday, and some crafts families enjoy doing durning this time. And any other information you would share. :D

Also I would like to remind everyone we can be found on Facebook, Twitter check our contact page for links, and other ways to get a hold of us.

 Another reminder I am still taking submissions of your childs artwork for Kidz Kreations.



December 6, 2010
1. Reindeer Moonpies
2. Kidz Kreation Addition
November 8, 2010
1. Layout Change
2. Kidz Kreation Additions.

September 24, 2010
1. Martin Luther King Day Crafts added
2. MLK Recipes Updated
3. Halloween Recipe Added
4 Banner updated.
5. Survey added to the contact page.
6. More coloring pages added to the Halloween Printables.

What this site is ...

First I would like to thank Vix, a close friend who came up with the title for this site.

I came up with the idea to do this site, when I came across all the crafts instructions I have collected over the years, going back to when I was a child.  My family was always finding ways to make each holiday/occasion unique every year.  Either by making crafts, food, or just finding random games..  

I would like to add a section explaining the history behind each holiday, easy enough for the kids of all ages to understand, and have fun learning the history. 
Till then there are crafts, recipes, and a
lso a section with jigsaw puzzles and coloring pages.
for all ages.  

I also would like to invite people to add any ideas they have, or any holidays they know of, from other cultures, religions, etc.  Simply email me at :

I hope you enjoy all the things to do here.  I just started this page on September 20th 2009 so look forward to this site growing hopefully on a daily basis.

Again feel free to send any feedback, questions, or ideas.  You may also submit, other holiday/occasions from other countries.  Simply go to the contact page. If you have photos of crafts you or your child has done together, you can send them via e-mail to
Thank You
Megg Lewis